We’re Moving!

We all start getting around in so many different ways: rolling, crawling, walking, or maybe even the backwards worm. We are at seven months now and my son has been doing this fun little backwards scoot all over the house.

It’s crazy that just a few months ago all he was doing was laying around looking at random things, or sleeping. And now he is scooting all over the house, making weird noises (from his mouth of course), and knows what he needs to do to get us to help him out.

One time, we took him to my in laws  and when they left for a moment, they came back to a the room he was in only to not find him anywhere. He has rolled, scooted, and pushed his way all over the room until he had found himself stuck between a chair and an ottoman.

Before we know it, he will be crawling all over the place, running this house, then one day….driving. AHHHH!!!!

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