Watermelon + Blackberries + Mint

Watermelon blackberries mint, does it get any better than that? They go perfectly together and I love it. Sometimes though, I need to mix up my watermelon to make it more interesting. Clearly I turn to Pinterest, as usual, and had to see what I could do differently with a  huge bowl of watermelon.

Watermelon + Blackberries + Mint | The Modern Dad

Have you ever tried watermelon blackberries mint combined? How refreshing is that? I mean, I get the blackberries because I could eat those things by the handfuls. To add mint though, that threw me for a loop.

Watermelon + Blackberries + Mint | The Modern Dad

Turns out it was super delicious. The mint gives the salad a fresh feel that is like no other. I guess you could say that this is just one step closer for me trying to fight the dad bod. Not only that, but this really is the easiest thing to make: cut up watermelon, add black berries and tear up mint leaves.

Watermelon + Blackberries + Mint | The Modern Dad

Then having a bowl of fresh fruit in the fridge that I can just go to instead of a bowl of ice cream or bowl of Gold Fish that I usually turn to.  Healthy options are always the best options.

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