Top Ten Must Have Baby Items

Whether you’re having your first kid or your having your fifth kid, I have a list of must have baby items. I wish I would have known about these items before going shopping for my first child. It would have saved me hours of heartache and dollars.

All these things we have owned for years and tried many things in the same realm (for example, diaper bags). We tend to go back to these items over and over again because they are that amazing. We have even tried other things similar to and we went back to these specific products because they were just way better.

Lets get started. Now these are in no particular order, just know that after talking to my wife and seeing what she recommends we BOTH decided these are all must have items.

  1. Fawn Design diaper bag – When it comes to having the perfect diaper bag you want pockets, cleanable, backpack/shoulder strap options, and simple. Fawn does exactly that. Check out my post when they were first launched and we still love them. We also LOVE that they did a bag for men and I love it, but my wife loves it too. Some say that it’s too expensive, but it will last you forever. We have an original one and still use it.

Cost: $160-220

  1. Tubby Todd Bath Co – Bath products are all over the place, but what Tubby Todd does is they provide natural bath products for your kids (and moms). I swear by this product and here’s why. My daughter had cradle cap and we used the hair and body wash regularly and it went away. She also has the All Over Ointment that is great for eczema. You give your child a bath, when you take them out add the All Over Ointment to their skin and you will see changes immediately. Read mine, and many other, testimonials about the product. Plus, the smells are too die for.Skin Scare | Clearing Up Eczema | The Modern Dad

Cost: $13-43

  1. DockATot – This is an item we jumped on board with during my second child. This is a great multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting, and snuggling dock you can take anywhere. We have taken this on trips, it was amazing when we were moving, and really has helped the way our children sleep. My youngest has been in the DockATot since the beginning and it’s great because when we go anywhere and take it he sleeps so much better. And you can’t put a price on good sleep.Perfect Portable Baby Dock - DockATot | The Modern Dad

Cost: $180-300

  1. Solly Baby Wrap – When I was working at a local baby store they carried wraps. To me there was so much material, the material was thick, and it made me hot without a kid in it. Then Solly Baby Wrap came and my entire view changed completely. The material is buttery soft, good stretch, breathable, and always has the best colors and patterns. We love the wrap when our kids are anywhere from newborn to about a year. It’s not bulky because you wrap it up and toss it in your diaper bag. Really it doesn’t take a lot of space and you’ll be grateful you have it with you. Keeps you hands free and makes your life so much easier.Tips for Doing Disneyland with Little Ones by The Modern Dad

Cost: $65-80

  1. Solly Baby Swaddle – Okay, I am not done with talking about Solly Baby. We were sold with the wrap, but when she released the swaddle we were hooked. The fabric is exactly like the wrap which is why we love it for the swaddle: breathable, good stretch, light weight, etc. So if you need an amazing swaddle, Solly Baby is the swaddle you have to have.Favorite Stretchy Swaddles | Solly Baby | The Modern Dad

Cost: $45 for a two pack

  1. NoseFrida – This freaks people out all the time, but the NoseFrida is amazing. With my first son we had it and loved it. You suck the snot out of their nose and it’s fantastic. We didn’t use this for my daughter because we had lost a part and didn’t replace it. I finally decided we needed it again for my second son and it changed everything. Talking to a friend about how her son can blow his nose easily she said she used the NoseFrida. I came to the conclusion that it was because of the this. My daughter has a hard time blowing her nose and figuring it out, but those that have used it makes it so much easier. I promise, you’ll never get snot in your mouth and it makes cleaning out their noses so much easier.

    {sucking snot}

Cost: $14.99

  1. BabyBjörn Carrier – Seriously, I swear by Solly Baby Wrap 100%, but when you have a kid that has FOMO and wants to see what’s happening in front of them the Björn carrier is a great option. My cousin let us borrow her carrier with my first son. This is the simplest to put on, get the kid in there, and the struggle never happened. We loved it and bought in when we were going to Disneyland and needed free hands, but know our kid would enjoy seeing what’s happening around. Marathon Training Week 48 | My Eternal of Reward by The Modern Dad

Cost: $169.95

  1. Diaper Genie – No matter what, I don’t think you can get rid of the smell of poopy diapers. We have tried many diaper cans, but the Diaper Genie has become our favorite. It has a foot peddle open it, the bag is in there with a blade to cut it when it’s full. There are the cans that you can put any bag in, but the clean up with this is so simple. We have grown to love our Diaper Genie and will continue to use it for any more kids to come.Top Ten Must Have Baby Items by The Modern Dad

Cost: $36.44

  1. City Select Baby Jogger Stroller – This stroller is a real investment piece, but when I worked at a baby store this is what I would say. What is your future plan? Are you having one kid? Are your having multiple kids? Will they be close together in age? What is your plan? We were planning on four kids and probably close together. The City Select does a great job for multiple kids and growing families. We use our with all three kids and it works great. I could go on forever about how amazing this stroller is, but you can just read all about it hereTop Ten Must Have Baby Items by The Modern Dad

Cost: $428.97

  1. Sophie Giraffe – This is the teething toy your will be glad you had once the teething starts. What’s so great about his item that it makes my top ten? Well, remember when there were all these people freaking out about mold in their toys? Sophie was one of those toys that I cut open and didn’t find one trace of mold. This toy stimulates all five senses which is perfect for a developing baby. Sophie is Moldless, But What About Others? by The Modern Dad

Cost: $23.40

Like I said, these are the baby items I recommend to everyone starting a family or still trying to figure out what they need with baby number four. The investment pieces will last you a long time and I wouldn’t suggest anything I don’t use myself. I wanted to put all my favorites in one place and I hope this helps you.


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