Toddler Chore Chart | Free Printable

As parents, we tend to wear ourselves out a lot faster than we need to: constantly picking up, dusting, putting away laundry, etc. Thankfully we have a toddler that is more than capable of helping more around the house. But is a toddler chore chart going too far?

Around our house we love having a list of things to do—checking them off one by one. Making a chore chart that we can read to our toddler so he knows what he has to do around the house has been great.

Toddler Chore Chart | Free Printable by The Modern DadHe’s three-year-old, so is that too young for an allowance?  Well, we like to give him a sticker chart as well. Every time he does his chores, goes to school happy and goes a day without an accident he gets a sticker. Once the chart is full of stickers he get to go shopping and get anything he wants.

One time, after filling out his sticker chart, we took him to the mall to get some crazy Disney toy set. We made it as far as Nordstrom where he found a dinosaur that he wanted. He gets one thing and that was his choice.

Toddler Chore Chart | Free Printable by The Modern DadIt’s been great because it helps us around the house. Yes, sometimes we have to re-do what he’s done, but it’s teaching him to be responsible. Also, whenever we go places and he sees something he wants we say, “Fill up your chart.”

Finding a way to teach your kids responsibility is always a great idea. Whether you have a chore chart, sticker chart or just do it all yourself. There’s a different way for everyone and this is what works for us. Get your kids to start doing things at home and make your life easier and improve their life forever.

Get PDF printable version here.chorechart

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