The Modern Dad Shopping Cart | May 3-7

During the week, I get asked where I bought this, or where I bought that. Well, I wanted to make things easier for all of us, so I put everyone in one simple shopping cart. Here you will see all the things I ordered for the week, either for me, my wife, or my kids. It will mostly be clothes, but there could be other stuff on here too one day. Hopefully, this makes things easier for you to find and for me to send you to. Enjoy!

His Clothes

Nike Men’s Sportswear 6” Woven Flow Shorts Light Arctic Orange
Nike Men’s Sportswear 6” Woven Flow Shorts Lilac
Nike Men’s Sportswear 6” Woven Flow Shorts Light Dew
Adult Star Wars™ Short John Pajamas In Organic Cotton
Eliot Lounge Rugby Shirt
Aspen Tennis Crewneck Sweatshirt
St Barth Crewneck Sweatshirt

His Accessories

Dot Rep Tie
Framed Square Neat Tie
Nautical Fleece Stripe Tie
Textured Rugby Stripe Tie
Blue & Cream Seersucker Face Mask
Cambridge Blue Face Mask
Croquet Stripe Face Mask
Vineyard Whale Tie
Whale Logo Leather Strap Baseball Hat

Kids Clothes

Wide Leg Jumpsuit Golden Oak
The Short Sleeve Ballet Dress Daises

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