Starting My Christmas Cards with Basic Invite

Call me crazy, but I love ordering and getting my Christmas cards ready early. Okay, maybe not creating them completely, I love to find that perfect card that will work for our holiday cards. Is it just me, or is the holiday card huge and needs to be perfect, right? Thankfully, Basic Invite is the perfect card making and customizing site for all your card/invitation needs.

Holiday Party Invites

You know how much we love throwing a party. This year I thought how fun it would be to throw a holiday party and inviting all our friends over for a night together. That’s when I turn to Basic Invite to create a completely customholiday party invitations that everyone is going to be excited to get.

What I love is that you can use any of their hundreds of templates to create your invites or you can load in your own custom design. I’m no designer, so thankfully I love all the options to use a template and create something beautiful.

Not only do you create a perfect invitation, but when checking out you can get matching “thank you” cards to go perfectly with the party invites. I love a good thank you card and for those to match perfectly with the invites is everything I would have ever wanted. Check out Basic Invites amazing selection of invites for any occasion here.

Finding a Perfect Christmas Card

I am seriously looking for that perfect Christmas cardsnow because I hate when it starts getting busy in the holiday season (anytime after Halloween) and we forget to get our cards. I know this happens to everyone so why wait? Don’t!

Here is my plan, I have created some samples and looked at different ideas. Then, when I am ready I can load in the picture I want and really figure out what works with the most current pictures.

It’s simple to create samples and have them sent to your house. I love this because I want to see something in person before I make the actual commitment. I am the same way when I am shopping for clothes. Getting something I am going to send out to so many people, I want them to be the best. Thankfully, I feel that Basic Invite is perfect for my needs and can’t wait to see whatholiday cards we end up doing this year.

Holiday Baby Announcement

Most likely, with Emily being due in December, our Christmas card is going to be a baby announcement. That is so crazy to think about that in three months we will be announcing the birth of our fourth baby. Basic Invite makes combining the two occasions together so simple.

No matter what you are looking for (thank you cards, holiday cards, baby announcements) Basic Invite is the perfect solution. Check them out for your holiday cards this year and with code 15FF51  you can get 15% off your order. Don’t wait, order those holiday cards now so that you won’t have to worry about it later.

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