Marathon Training Week 26 | Rain Rain Go Away

Finally, I filled up the jogging stroller tires, got excited about the weather warming up and then comes the rain. Why doesn’t Utah weather have to be so all over the place? It’s funny because I will run in the snow, but the rain—forget about it.

For months I have been waiting for the moment when I can put one of my kids in the jogging stroller (because it’s only for one kid) and go for a run. When my son was little it was one of those things that I really loved doing with him. We would run for miles because he would start by chanting, “Go dad go!” How could I not keep running?

But then he would fall asleep and I would have to make it back home. So we would run from his support and motivation, but then I had to plug in and clear my head when he was napping. For me, that’s what running does. It gives me a time in my day to really just be distressing, thinking about what needs to be done and feel all the endorphins.

With all the rain that has been happening this week I have had to continue the treadmill training. I am fine with it, but you can only run on a treadmill for so long. This week, I have been doing about eight miles a day and it just gets long and old on a machine. Thankfully, I have music to listen to and TVs and people to watch. It keeps me going without thinking about how long I’ve been running.

We did get a couple days of no rain this week, but it has cooled down and I don’t want to take the kids out. We are finally overcoming all the sickness that’s happened from Winter—I don’t need more of that.

Really though, something about running in the rain just doesn’t seem fun to me. I hate being wet and cold, who likes that? I will say though, I have ran in the rain. Places like California or Hawaii where it was warmer when it rained and that was fine to me. Here in Utah, that is not an option to me.

So until the mother nature decides she’s ready for Spring to officially be here, I’ll just keep treadmill training.

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