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This is the time of year that everyone starts talking about how they are going to start the new year off right: eating healthy and exercising. Well, I am the type of person that I have to have everything ready for the big transition. I buy all new workout clothes, get all the details of the diet I intend to start, and find the perfect place for all my gym supplies.

Well have I found the perfect thing every guy (or even girl) would love for their gym supplies, taking their exercise experience to a whole new level.

Locker Front

Have you seen these Gladiator® GarageWorks? They are the perfect accessory for the guy that already has everything, but is a super fan wanting to feel a part of their favorite team.

Growing up, I had some kind of weird obsession with The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Maybe it’s their school colors of navy and gold. Maybe it’s my family ties to our deep Irish blood or my love of the good old underdog Rudy. Whatever it is, I have always been a fan starting with my Notre Dame trash can to this amazing locker. Which locker would you pick? See all their options here.

Open Locker

I love having a PrimeTime™ Lockers for that perfect place to put my gym bag, shoes, books I enjoy reading while working out, and some simple accessories.

Top Shelf

The deepness of these lockers is great if you decide that you want to use it for other reasons: shovels, rakes, brooms, mops, etc. The opportunities are endless with these PrimeTime™ Lockers.

Locker Combo

What part do I love most about it? They come all assembled. All you have to do is add the locking mechanism. They are so much like a real locker that you can even set your own locker combination.

I am sure you are asking if these are safe for children that are pulling up on everything? SURE ARE! They come with everything to bolt it to the wall and to keep it secure. Leaving them free from accidents like when your kid grabs the locker to stand up and ends up having the entire thing fall on top of them.

The security, construction, and look of these lockers are what I would recommend for any woman to surprise their husband. They will love it, you’ll love the storage it gives you, keeping you both very happy.

What’s in it for you? PrimeTime™ Lockers is offering my followers 20% off and free shipping on all available Primetime lockers CODE: PRIMEFAN. TO REDEEM: Enter code upon checkout on VALID: 12/3 – 1/31/15 

Be sure to check out the Gladiator® GarageWorks Facebook page for all the latest deals they have going on.

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