The Preppy Dad Closet Essentials

When you think of a preppy look you think oxford shirts, penny loafers and polo shirts. But what is wrong with those things? Nothing at all. The preppy dad has closet essentials, and even if you’re not a preppy dad these are great essentials every dad should own.

There is something about a preppy look that I absolutely love. When I think of classic men with preppy style JFK comes to mind. Here is a man that fashionably represented our country amazingly. With the recent release of Jackie, the biography of Jackie Kennedy I think it’s only appropriate to show what items we should have in our closets.

Polo Shirt | Ralph Lauren $85

Button Up | Kiel James Patrick $98

Sweater Vest | Brooks Brothers $76.80

Cable-Knit Sweater | Ralph Lauren $69.99

Pullover | Lacoste $77.49

Pocket t-shirt | J Crew $45

Jeans | J Crew $125

Loafers | Sperry $160

Glasses | Warby Parker $95

Bow tie | Vineyard Vines $55

Belt | Kiel James Patrick $125

At the end of the day, when it comes to a preppy look I know it’s not going to be cheap, but it’s also going to be timeless. I have learned that when I spend a little more on an article of clothing it lasts longer. Plus, everything in the preppy category has always been in style. Let us bring some preppy style into our wardrobes and spruce things up a bit.

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