The Perfect Baseball Theme Birthday

Baseball has become our life. Being obsessed with “The Sandlot” and constantly wanting to play catch, we have a future MLB player on our hands. Because of this we decided that a baseball theme birthday party was the perfect way to bring on the big three. But how do you veer away from the typical baseball theme birthday parties that you see all over Pinterest? Let me show you.


DSC_0032First of all, you need to have a location. We are fortunate enough to live right by some amazing baseball fields. Daily, our son is wanting to go there to throw the ball, hit some home runs and run the bases. A perfect location for the birthday party because it provided a great location for the kids to play. Not only did it have plenty of space, but great seating. Built in bleachers you could sit and enjoy some snacks, while watching the kids play in the field.


DSC_0110When thinking of baseball I think “The Sandlot” and that makes me think of s’mores. Well, you can’t just put a fire on the baseball field, but you surely can have some amazing Lick’d Pops s’more popsicles. I asked if they could make a s’more popsicle and boy did they deliver. These were an absolute hit for both parents and kids.

DSC_0053We provided two flavors: vanilla bean base, dipped in marshmallow, dipped in dark chocolate, sprinkled with brown sugar, mini marshmallows and a graham cracker. The second flavor was basically the same, but with a chocolate salted caramel base and dipped in milk chocolate. They were the perfect addition to a very hot day.


DSC_0051Maybe you are going to have really little ones at the party and these popsicles were just too much. Well, Lick’d Pops makes a wide assortment of fantastic flavors: Key Lime Pie, Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Basil. We loved that we had a good assortment so that everyone felt there was plenty to cool them down.

DSC_0033When you go to a baseball game, you can’t just eat popsicles. We enjoyed bags of popcorn, sunflower seeds, watermelon and donuts shaped like baseballs.




We provided them all with their very own baseball and bat as a gift to give the kids. Great idea to put these in the dugout so that they could feel the real love of the game.

The Details

Popcorn Cups | Zurchers

Big League Chew Bubble Gum |

Donuts | Fresh Market Bakery

Baseball Bats/Balls | Dollar Store

Popsicles | Lick’d Pops

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