Wizard Wednesday | One Down, Six to Go

Harry Potter has officially taken over my life. Just kidding. I have not become one of those people, but I do talk to those people every day now. Listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone has made my commute to and from work a billion times … [Read more...]


Who’s Ready for Wizard Wednesday?

What is Wizard Wednesday you ask? Well, I have finally taken the bait and started reading Harry Potter. For years I was completely against it. For years I said, “I don’t read the books because it ruins the movies!” Finally thought, I am reading … [Read more...]


20 Daddy Daughter Date Ideas – Toddler Edition

What is cuter than a dad and his little girl? My daughter and I have a special bond where we have fun playing in her room with her babies/dolls, dressing up, or just playing hide and seek. We love going on our daddy daughter dates and I thought I … [Read more...]


3 Success Strategies for Dads in 2018

Written by guest blogger Joel Gardner In 2015, my wife, birth-daughter, and I decided to expand our family of 3 into a family of 7 by adopting 4 amazing children. My wife and I immediately found ourselves buried with the difficulties of merging … [Read more...]


Was He The Greatest Showman?

Recently we saw The Greatest Showman for the second time. Personally I loved it (I mean, I’ve gone twice and know all the songs already), but was he The Greatest Showman? To this I say, who cares? All over Facebook I keep seeing people talking about … [Read more...]