Room Upgrade from the Ground Up

We have been living in our house for over a year now and I think it’s safe to say we are going to be here a while. Since I finally have come to terms with that I decided it’s time to start doing some upgrades. For me, the carpet in the basement was … [Read more...]


Meet the Modern Family

Introducing my favorite people to my favorite followers. Hello! My name is Jason and I like to think of myself as The Modern Dad. What does that mean? Well, I’m not a regular dad, I’m a cool dad. I love shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking … [Read more...]


Out of The Ordinary Date Night Idea

I am going to say it—we need more date nights! Ladies, am I right? Now here is the thing, we always tend to go to the old dinner and a movie. Wouldn’t you love it if you could do a date night that was a little out of the ordinary? Thankfully, I have … [Read more...]


Obsessed With Beddy’s, Here’s Why!

In our home, bed making happens by me about 93% of the time. Call me crazy, but I love a nicely made bad and feel like it’s the easiest thing I can do to help before leaving the house in the morning. Teaching your kids to do something can be … [Read more...]


Teeth Bleaching | Deal Worth Doing

You don't know a person more obsessed with the dentist more than me. I love going to the dentist and getting any work done: drill my teeth, give me shots, do it all. I love it. When I was wanting to go into dentistry, I would be a test patient for … [Read more...]