The Must Haves for Every Parent

Since finding out we were pregnant with baby number two I look back at all the things that we got with our son and say, “What were we thinking?” I was even working at a baby store, which probably made things worse because I saw it all. Now after having one you learn that you don’t need everything.

That being said, I thought I would share my list of must haves for if you are expecting your first baby or your fourth. This is a list that has my favorites, but also products that I love because I have tried others and keep going back to these.

Every Parent Must Haves | The Modern Dad City Select - Freshly Picked - Solly Baby - Nose Frida - mamaRoo - Sofie Giraffe - June and January

1. Baby Jogger | City Select Stroller: When we were looking at strollers I had to get the BOB. I had tried my friend’s BOB stroller and loved it, but it’s super bulky. I still love it, but when you are adding another baby to the mix and they’re close in age you are going to want a double stroller. The City Select by Baby Jogger is perfect. It’s easy to fold up and put in the back of your vehicle, not super bulky and the seats go on real easy. It’s a no brainer!

2. Freshly Picked Moccasins: I have loved these moccasins ever since I saw Mason Disick wearing them on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But besides that why do I love them?

  • Easy to get on and off. Easiest shoes I have been able to get on my son.
  • They stay on, my son doesn’t pull them off himself.
  • They are comfortable.
  • They go with everything and there are always new colors being released.
  • They last forever., My son finally fit in his first pair at 3 months and wore that same size until 13 months. They stretch and the leather is great quality which adds to the quality of them lasting.

3. Solly Baby Wrap: Baby wearing is everywhere and apparently there is nothing cuter than a baby wearing dad. Solly Baby wraps are my personal favorite because of their light weight bamboo material making it so that I don’t get even hotter while wearing my child. Also, it’s easy to roll up and toss in your diaper bag without taking up tons of room.

4. Nose Frida: Look, your kid is going to get sick and you will suck snot out of their nose. Now, you can either do it with one of those old fashioned bulbs that fills up with snot and yet it never comes out (imagine the buildup). Or you can suck it out in a way that is easy, you see the snot come out and you can clean it all out after. (Granted you suck it out like a straw, but listen to me the tube is too long for it to ever reach your mouth AND there is filter that blocks it too.) Recommended by pediatricians everywhere. You’ll thank me the next time you have a sick child with a runny nose.

5. 4 Moms | mamaRoo: You are going to get exhausted bouncing your baby to sleep. I get exhausted thinking about it again. The mamaRoo is made to act like a moving parent to rock your child to sleep. I wish we would have had one of these from the beginning making our son used to it from the start. He loved it after a while, but if you can have it from the beginning you’ll save so much more time and everyone will get more rest.

6. Sofie Giraffe: It’s crazy, but this is the most popular baby toy in the world. Let me tell you why. It uses all five senses: touch (the organic rubber), sound (squeaks), sight (different colored markings are great for developing eyes), taste (plenty of edges for child to chew on safely) and smell (the sent of the organic rubber). It’s not obnoxious like some squeaky toys, but I will say you quickly get used to all noise that your kids toys make after awhile.

7. June & January | Basic Blanket: Get ready for the softest blanket you have ever felt in your life. J&J blankets are made from breathable, ultra-soft lightweight cotton blend — the best option for delicate and sensitive skin. At 34×34″ they are the perfect size for everything from swaddling to stroller rides to nap time. Lightweight and one layer, they’re perfect for throwing in the diaper bag for snuggling on the go.

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