Marathon Training Week One | Eye Opening

Nothing is more eye opening than that moment you step on the scale. Especially when you haven’t looked at it since the beginning of summer. Since deciding to start training for this marathon I figured I should see what damage has been done. Believe me, it wasn’t good.

In last week’s post, I said it’s been 12 years since I did a marathon. Well, a lot can happen to a person in 12 years.

img_0963It seems natural to be worried about this race because it’s a very down hill race. In 2011, while playing basketball, I tore my ACL and had to get surgery. This had caused me to fall dramatically off the working out wagon. It also scared me to get out and run again. I didn’t want to go through that experience again and I became almost too cautious.

Stepping on the scale to see what damage had been done, tears came to my eyes. Just kidding, I don’t have any emotions. Shocked though at how quickly the weight came back. It’s so easy to gain the weight, but losing it takes so much work. It was definitely time to make some changes.

img_2794_2Finally, I got the nerve to get my running shoes on and start up again. When my son was little we would constantly go for runs, him sleeping in the stroller and me running mile after mile. One Thanksgiving I signed up for a race and did the entire thing with my son. He was quite the motivator, constantly yelling, “Go dad go!!!”

When my little girl got here, suddenly the stroller running halted. Why couldn’t I just take her for a run? Did I have to have both kids with me? Basically, I would make any excuse not to run and it became more obvious when I stood on the scale. Recently taking a break has taken quite a tole on me and I figured it’s time. It’s time to just get out and get moving.

img_9770The other night I put the kids in the stroller and just went for a light jog. I don’t recommend running with the City Select because it’s not a jogging stroller, but it works with both kids. They love when the wind is blowing in their hair and we move faster than our normal, casual pace. Hearing their excitement and laughter makes me excited and wanting to keep moving.

Training is light at the gym for now. This marathon isn’t for a year (sign up for it here), so really I am just trying to get my body moving. There is a major difference between running on a treadmill and running on the road. I just want to get my body used to moving again, so I am running on the treadmill. Running everyday at least one mile this week has gone reasonably well. Then I do some weight workouts just to tone up, not muscle build. I don’t need to get any bigger, but building muscle burns more fat.

IMG_0458.JPGStarting up again is hard though. When I was younger is was so much easier to just get back to the gym and the weight would quickly just come off. Now days, it takes so much more than that: healthy eating habits, consistency and no more candy! For me sugar is my weakness. All I want is candy corn, Dirty Diet Coke and any candy bar I can get my hands on. Dieting hasn’t worked because I burn myself out on the latest fad diet. This is going to start a total life change for me. Am I ready for that?

Motivation is all I need right now. Thankfully a friend is doing this race with me, but until that day I need to find ways to get out of bed and workout. Ways to help me stay focused.

For this week I have a checklist of what I want to get done:

  • Find a good workout plan for shedding fat, but not necessarily building muscle.
  • Quit the habit of snacking on garbage and replacing it with healthy snacks
  • Go to the gym three times this week
  • Family walks at least twice
  • Prepare lunches
  • Decide what tracker I want to get to keep me connected

Have any tips? Let me know in the comments what has worked for you, leave links to any of your favorite things and help me achieve this goal.

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