#12DaysofGiveaways | Love for Whistle & Flute

Isn’t it amazing how you can find such amazing companies and brands on Instagram? That is how I came across a favorite brand – Whistle & Flute. This Canadian, family run business, not only creates quality clothing, but they make clothes that are unisex, comfortable, and long lasting.

#12DaysofGiveaways | Love for Whistle & Flute by The Modern DadWhen my oldest son was little I came across Whistle & Flute with their Kawaii Rain Cloud. I thought this was adorable and needed to get my son it in. That was over four years ago and we have continued loving their products and style.

Sweater Weather | Little Edition by The Modern DadThere is something about support a small family run company. I love that they have a passion for something and go for it. Not only do they work hard to provide clothes they love putting their own kids in, but they also provide clothes that other people want to put their kids in because they are so cute.

#12DaysofGiveaways | Love for Whistle & Flute by The Modern DadWhen it comes to being obsessed with a company, for me, I need to know that their stuff is going to last. I will pay any amount of money if the clothes are going to last a while. Like I said, I bought the Kawaii rain cloud for my oldest, and we have put all three of our kids in it.

#12DaysofGiveaways | Love for Whistle & Flute by The Modern DadThere is also something to say about comfort. Kids aren’t going to want to wear something if it isn’t comfortable. We got the Kawaii Sleepy Panda Pyjama Set for all three of my kids and they love them. I love them because they are super soft and made with breathable bamboo cotton. They have been washed, dried, and still look as good as the day we got them. For me, that speaks numbers about a quality product.

#12DaysofGiveaways | Love for Whistle & Flute by The Modern DadIf you are looking for cute, affordable clothing for your little ones, look at Whistle & Flute. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.



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