Go Jazz Go! No Really, Go See Jazz Basketball

For many years I have been going to Utah Jazz basketball games. I was at the Delta Center when the Jazz beat the Bulls, Lakers, and for me it’s always been a great time. Now it’s the Vivint Smart Home Arena and it’s absolutely amazing. If you are looking for an amazing night out with family, or just a date night with your loved one a Jazz game is the way to go.

Walking into the new arena you can already tell how amazing it is. You walk into the front doors and immediately can see what is happening on the court. The feel of everything just feels updated and perfect for downtown Salt Lake City.

When you go to your seats you notice they aren’t the uncomfortable plastic chairs they used to be, but they are cushioned and you feel like you have way more room when people are walking by. Never have I felt more comfortable at a game before.

My wife and I enjoyed a night out without the kids. I loved looking around seeing dads with their sons and daughters and families eating popcorn. I knew it is a great family friendly environment.

Now when halftime comes and you don’t know what to get, just wait. They have made decision making even harder. Vivint Arena has brought the best of the best local food: Cupbop, Cubbys, J Dawgs, and so much more.

The Iceberg line was crazy, but as a local you know that it’s always worth it. How can you NOT get ice cream when watching a game.

Honestly, if you are trying to figure out what to do for a night out with your wife or family, order some Jazz basketball tickets and soak up every amazing thing you will experience this season. And with the holiday packs they’re offering, you can’t go wrong.

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