Haunted? Is My House Really Haunted?

A sudden creek rings through the hallway. It’s 3:27 AM and I’m starting to worry what’s happening. Then it happens, “BANG!” There is a loud bang and I am quickly jumping out of my bed to find out what is happening. But what could it be? Is my house really haunted?

Haunted? Is My House Really Haunted? by The Modern DadHave you ever wondered if your house is haunted? I swear, there are many times that I see something, or wonder if our house is in fact haunted. I have seen things out of the corner of my eye, only to find nothing is there. Or maybe a door is open that I swear I shut. This is when I tell myself it’s fine, I’m thinking too much into this, and try to forget it.

I go to sleep and think that everything is fine. There is nothing to worry about and I don’t even believe in ghosts. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t looked up what’s happened in our house before we moved in.

If you go into my son’s room, his run has a red stain on it. At first I thought, it’s nothing and we’re just going to get a new rug anyway. This isn’t that big of a deal. Then the haunting comes and my mind starts thinking of all the things that could have come from. Really, it freaks me out after thinking about it too long.

When I go to sleep, I tell myself it’s my imagination. Everything is going to be okay. I’m dozing off when it happens again. This time, it’s 3:24 am and I wonder how this can me happening again. This time I here the loud BANG first, followed by a creeking sound, and now a dragging of feet.

Then it happens. A loud scream comes from the kitchen. I run down the hallway to find nothing. Am I imagining all this? Is my mind playing tricks with me because of the lack of sleep I’ve been getting? What is going on?

Finally, it’s the third night and I decide I am going to find out what is happening. No ghost is going to scare me! I do all that I can to keep myself awake so that I can figure out where the sounds are coming from.

I told my wife what I was experiencing and she blows it off as new house sounds. Whoever owns a house that screams in the middle of the night, raise your hand? Yeah, I didn’t think that was a normal thing either. Maybe it’s the heather in the basement making a weird noise. We didn’t move into the Home Alone house, so I don’t think that would be the issue.

Hours were passing and I ended up dosing off. It’s happening! It’s 3:30 AM on the dot and the sounds begin. Bang! Creek! DRAAAAAG! SCREEEAAAAMMMM!!!! Leaping to my feet, I grabbed my phone, turned on the flashlight, and ran down the hall. This ghost wasn’t going to mess with me one more night.

Then it happened. The ghost ran right into me and now I was the one screaming. “AHHHHHHH!!!!” Once I finally came to my senses and looked the ghost in the eyes I realized I was losing my mind. My daughter had gotten up, was hitting the wall trying to find the doorknob. Opened the door and scurried her little feet down the hall where she would scream for milk.

Haunted? Is My House Really Haunted? by The Modern DadClearly I have lost my mind, but that little ghost is the cutest ghost I ever did see. And maybe I need to lay off all the Reese’s pumpkins and the scary movies because clearly I am losing my mind.



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