Marathon Training Week 40 | Can I Be Honest?

Can I be honest here? All this running is becoming too much. This week has been a struggle because it is so much in just a week. The killer is, I need make a major change in my running, but it is harder that I thought it would be.

Recently we have been living at my in-laws house and while there I was just went to the gym to get my miles in. The gym is easy because I get there, get on the treadmill, set the miles I want to run, and get those miles done. It is easy too because I have so much to keep me distracted from watching the miles. I can just put a towel over the time so I do not watch it constantly. In addition, the people watching at the gym is always interesting. However, to do 6-10 miles on the treadmill gets overwhelming. I need a change.

For me, the hard part of running outside is trying to find out a distance to run to. If I have to run 4 miles, I need a two-mile location. I have tried MapMyRun and just do not understand it. I want a app that tells me how far I have ran and gives me a notification that I have gotten to my destination. Maybe I just do not know what I am doing here, but I do not want to check anything.

Last week I did 11 miles on a treadmill and it was too much for me. Running on a treadmill for two hours was extreme—this week something will be changing. That meant that I would figure out my runs. A treadmill is getting harder and harder to keep doing.

This week we are house sitting and running outside became hard because I don’t know how to get anywhere. When you are in a new location it makes things difficult. I don’t really know how to get back to the house and so leaving it would be disastrous.

Thankfully I have found a straight shot to our old condo. I basically will be running down one street and come back. It’s 12 miles, but it will be so much better than being on the treadmill for two hours.

Finally, here is the other thing making these long runs hard. It’s 90+ degrees outside at 8:00 am here and I can’t handle running outside when it’s hot. So if I get a treadmill for the new house, I need a good one for running. And if I am running outside, I need to go super early and have a plan.

If you are a runner and have found things that work—let me know. Because, let’s be honest, all this running might be the death of me.

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