H&M Pants, My Toddler’s Obsession

I have turned my son into a monster, he has to pick his outfits out every day. There is no help happening and I think I am fine with it. Lately he has been obsessing over H&M pants and let me show you why.

The great thing about H&M pants for your toddler is they have a great fit that is similar to a skinny jean for adults. Washing couldn’t be better, they don’t shrink. And my favorite thing about them, they come in a variety of fantastic colors that are versatile and can go with anything your child wears. I know when buying clothes for your growing toddler you’re cautious because they are constantly growing and need something that will last. These pants have the cinch waist making them easy to expand as they grow. My son can still fit into a pair of 9-12 months they literally last forever.

Still don’t know what your child could wear with them, let me give you some of my favorite looks:

If you want them to keep it somewhat casual, but need a dressy flair the H&M pants are the perfect addition. Wear them with the jersey of your favorite team while you visit grandpa at work.

Jersey | University of Utah

Pants | H&M

Winter weather has a tendency to make us as parents put our kids in tacky clothing, H&M pants will keep their legs warm and go with the layering that you put them in.

Pull Over | J Crew Crewcuts

Shirt | Carters

Pants | H&M

Shoes | Nordstrom

Maybe your kid is ready to go our for the day. The H&M pants will make them look like you actually took time to get them ready.

Sunglasses | Gap

Coat | Gap (similar here)

Pants | H&M

Shoes | New Balance

Do you have a hard time getting your toddler ready for church? The H&M pants are easy to get on and go with everything. The color options make it so much easier.

Blazer | H&M

Bowtie | J Crew Crewcuts (similar here)

Shirt | Peek Kids

Pants | H&M

Shoes | New Balance

Maybe your kid is like mine and just wants to dress up for the day, but not church dress ups. H&M pants are great for that day and night look we’re all going for.

Bowtie | Forage Haberdashery

Shirt | Target

Sweater | Peek Kids

Pants | H&M

Shoes | New Balance for J Crew Crewcuts

Look, it’s time to get your kid looking good and not breaking the bank. H&M hit the ball out of the park with these fantastic pants.  I just feel that we as parents owe it to our children to help them look like their best selves.

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