Fitness Tip: Swimming Playlist

Swimming has never been my favorite thing. I have the hardest time just looking at the tiles on the bottom of a pool and having a billion different things running through my head. I love swimming though because it is my time to plan out my day and figure out what I have in the workings. Then how do I work this out when it’s so hard to focus? Waterproof headphones.

The greatest thing I have ever purchased for my workouts is my H2O Audio waterproof case. I jump in the water, put on my goggles with my waterproof case on the back, turn on my play list and I am good to go.

Every six weeks I like to take my iPod suffle out to change my swimming playlist, but also to make my workout a little different. I usually create simple interval training sessions with the songs that I have in there. I start with a slow-ish song to just get warmed up, then increase the speeds of songs and intensity of my swimming. I keep my swimming workouts to about 30 minutes because I don’t have a lot of time and 30 minutes is perfect for me and my workout schedule.

You don’t have to follow my exact playlist if it isn’t your favorite type of music, but it should be some sort of base on what to go for. Like I said before, start slow, increase intensity, max out in the middle, then decrease intensity until by the end you’re just doing a cool down. Make your swimming playlist songs you love, but if you need an idea here’s mine:

swimming playlist

For me eight songs was exactly 30 minutes, but you can add or take away songs to make it fit your busy schedule. Get your own H2O Audio products here.

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