Marathon Training Week 38 | Fitbit Addiction

When training for a marathon, it’s suggested that you take days off. For me, the hard part is I have a Fitbit addiction. Constantly I am looking at the number of steps and it drives me crazy. Do you have a Fitbit addition?

There is something about the feeling of hitting your goal every single day. Granted, you have all day to hit it, but when you are used to hit it before 8:00 am you get used to it. That feeling of accomplishment is so great early in the morning.

Not only that, but you have the connection with friends on there. This is a feature that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love it because 85% of the time I am number one. I hate it when other people are getting more steps that me.

Once I started with a tracker I couldn’t stop. I’m trapped. The graphs, the goals, the virtual rewards, the buzzes on my wrist when I hit my goal all became addicting. How else would I know if I had a good day of activity were it not presented back to me in a number on my wrist? I mean, how in the world do other people know if they’re doing okay?

Having the Fitbit addiction instantly changed my behavior. I park further away, take the stairs when I can, and always wanting to take the kids out for a walk in the stroller after work. Really, anything to get those steps in, I will do it.

Marathon Training Week 38 | Fitbit Addiction by The Modern DadBut really, does that have to stop? I don’t think so. Yes, there are days when I am not hitting my goal, but I am much more active than I have ever been. I finally recognize what it feels like to live a healthy lifestyle.

I am not better at paying attention to my daily activity, but also do better at watching what I am eating. Of course there also is the benefit of losing weight. I have lost more than weight, but size. I was able to put on a pair of pants that I bought five years ago and have only worn twice because they’ve been too tight.

So, yes. I’m trapped in a new digital life of bar graphs and wrist taps and late-night walks for no reason other than to hit my goal and to maybe, finally, beat my friends in steps.


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