Favorite Winter Wear: Child Edition

The snow has finally fallen here in Utah and I am definitely not happy about it. I just hate driving in the snow, the cold and my clothes and shoes getting white all over them from the salt that is used to keep the ice from forming on the roads. But I think of a time when I was child and cared less about all these things. I just wanted to spend entire days in the wet, cold winter weather. Now, having my own children I don’t want to keep them from enjoying the amazing time out in the cold, but I want to make sure they are bundled with what I like to think are my favorite winter wear items.

Perfect Winter Wear - Kids Addition | The Modern Dad

Going from top to bottom I think it’s necessary to find those items that you love and that work for you and your child.

Hat | Little Sun Hat | $48

I love Little Sun Hat’s because they are easy to get on, they’re cute, but most importantly, they keep my child’s head warm. My son wears his all day long and especially loves it when he goes outside.

Long Sleeved Shirt | Gap Kids | $9.99

I love Gap Kids! But the thing that I love most about their long sleeved shirts is the thickness of the material and quality of the product. I know that I can wash this shirt a million times and, for the most part, it will look just like it did the first day I bought it. I am getting the best bang for my buck here. Also, I am not a fan of trucks, monsters and other images on my son’s shirts. So I love that I can get simple basics from Gap Kids.

Sweat Shirt | Peek Kids | $23.99

Here’s what I love about Peek Kids, I love that they make fun, unique clothing that I can put my kids in without looking ridiculous. We love our Mickey Mouse Crew sweater, not only when we go to Disneyland, but also for these cold winter months. The material washes great and is super soft. Our son loves wearing this sweater so much that if we don’t hide it, he wants to wear it everyday.

Pants | Gap Kids | $33.99

Okay, I get that when you wear jeans out in the snow they soak up every single snow flake which in turn gets your child’s pants soaking wet and then they are miserable the rest of the day. I hate being around a miserable kid just as much as the next person, but the thing about these pants is the fleece lining that is inside them. They keep your child warm and comfortable, without having them look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. This is a great option if you don’t have tons of time to get your kids ready for preschool and don’t want putting all the layers on.

Parka | Gap Kids | $82.99

When people say that it’s hard to find cute things for little boys I ask them if they have ever stepped foot in Gap Kids. Clearly I am obsessed. I loved this coat from the moment I saw it. I love the length, that it covers a large portion of my son so that he is bundled up quite nicely. I also love that it has a water-repellent outer layer that keeps the snow out and the warmth in. Also, the faux fur trim on the hood is great for when the wind picks up a little and blows those snowflakes around. It will keep his face warmer and help keep those frozen snowflakes off his face.

Mittens | Gap Kids | $9.99

I love a good mitten that will not only keep my child’s hands warm, but is also cute. The one thing about these mittens is that they do absorb a lot of the snow, but they have lots of other cute options that I may just have to order.

Socks | Stance | $35 (box of six)

There is nothing better than a warm, perfect pair of socks. Stance are my absolute favorite socks and their six pack boxes for your little ones are too die for. They are thick, stay pulled up and I honestly love every pattern that comes in the pack. Also, we have gotten the smaller sizes when my son was younger and now use them as ankle socks. They really last a long time and your child will be the hippest kid in town.

Boots | Sorel | $43.95

When I think winter boots, the first thing I think of are Sorels. They are warm, keep your feet completely dry, while not looking absolutely awful. You know how boots can tend to look boring, well Sorel has made these adorable boots for your little ones that will keep their toes nice and toasty.

Perfect Winter Wear - Kids Addition | The Modern Dad

Now, when you have your little ones wanting to go out in this freezing winter weather, you will no longer have to worry because they will be bundled up and looking absolutely adorable.

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