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I have a new baby. I’m pregnant and CrossFit would be too hard. I am a new parent and don’t know if I have time to be away from my family to workout in general. The gym that I go to isn’t very family friendly. These are all excuses I have used (minus be being pregnant) to not work out. But I especially had these thoughts about CrossFit. Fortunately CrossFit is for everyone and I’ll tell you why.  

CrossFit SpearHead in Holladay accommodates to these very needs. They have a mothers class that makes the workouts a little easier, they provide a babysitter for your little kids if you want to bring them along and if your baby needs you it’s totally fine to step away and focus on your kid.

CrossFit is For New Parents Too by The Modern DadOne of the things that made me love CrossFit is that it’s not a long workout. I was going to the gym for two hours a day, everyday. I was exhausted, but mostly because I was going at 5:00 am and that would tire anyone out. But I was never taking my workout to the level where I was sore and felt like I really worked my muscles. I feel like a lot of parents, and people in general are that way. We don’t push ourselves to a point that we know we can be pushed and really work out our bodies. Everyday I go to CrossFit I leave feeling like I worked out and I worked out hard. My muscles feel like they have been strengthened and I am seeing results. Not only that, but I am only there for an hour and that is definitely enough. I don’t feel guilty being away because it’s only that hour long workout and if I need to, I can bring my kids along to any class (not just the mom class) and know that they have place to play where I can watch them and help them if needed.

CrossFit is For New Parents Too by The Modern DadMaybe you’re like me and you feel like you wouldn’t want to workout with these people that are crazy strong and it’s too intimidating. Well, thankfully all fitness levels are right there with you cheering you on. I love how SpearHead has created a culture where everyone supports each other like family. I feel like I have made real friends there and we all support one another no matter our fitness level.

CrossFit is For New Parents Too by The Modern DadAnd finally, maybe you’re telling yourself that you want to give it a try, but don’t want to commit yet. That’s fine too. SpearHead offers free classes. Contact Sean at and let him know that you are interested in trying out CrossFit and want to check it out. Once I finally gave in and tried it, I was hooked. I feel a huge part of my desire to keep going is the community that SpearHead brings. If you need a friend, I am always at the 5:15 am class through the week and 8:00 am class on Saturday, but you will make friends so quick, I promise.

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