Out of The Ordinary Date Night Idea

I am going to say it—we need more date nights! Ladies, am I right? Now here is the thing, we always tend to go to the old dinner and a movie. Wouldn’t you love it if you could do a date night that was a little out of the ordinary? Thankfully, I have the perfect idea for you.

Mystique Dining with The Modern DadRecently, my wife and I went out and it was completely out of our comfort zone. When we go out on a date it’s dinner, talk about the kids, then head home to the kids because we have no idea what movies are out. This time we took a huge leap out of our comfort zone and went to a new restaurant in Gardner Village—Mystique Dining.

Now this will seem weird, but trust me on this it was amazing. Mystique’s Grand Dining Chamber is an elaborately themed and opulently decorated room is designed to enhance your dining and entertainment experience. The intimate chamber seats only a small group of guests per performance which guarantees your experience will be close and personal. You will witness the artistry and skill of the best magicians in the world and themed performances for the holidays.

What does that mean? You are getting dinner and a show all for the price of one. You go into a nicely decorate room where you will be sitting with other guests and enjoying an amazing five course meal.

We sat and were served amazing food:

Mystique Dining with The Modern DadCrackers, fruit, and cheese plate

Mystique Dining with The Modern DadDelicious salad

Mystique Dining with The Modern Dad
Fruit tart sorbet

Mystique Dining with The Modern DadChoice of Prime Rib, Cornish Hen, Vegetarian Lasagna, or Mac and Cheese

Mystique Dining with The Modern DadDelicious dessert

As you sit there enjoying the food, you chat with those around you. I am not one for making small talk, but it was actually a lot better than I thought I would be. People talk across the room and we all just enjoyed one another’s company.

Mystique Dining with The Modern DadAfter dessert was served, we had the pleasure of watching Larry Wilson, the 2017 comedy Magician of the Year. He made Emily and I laugh the entire time, we even both participated. Close up magic was super entertaining, more than I thought.

The night ended and I immediately wanted to tell everyone that they too needed to try out Mystique Dining. Really, this is like no other thing here in Utah and I wanted everyone to experience it.

Can you take kids? I mean, they recommend not taking kids under the age of eight. Really? Why are you taking your kids on your date? Plus, you are going to enjoy a five course meal so make it a night the two of you can enjoy together.

If you are interested in booking tickets, check out their availability here and if there are any deals happening, watch their Facebook page. Really though, don’t let this place disappear. It’s more than magic, it’s a full experience.

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