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Delicious Homemade Mac and Cheese

When I think of recipes that kids absolutely love, mac and cheese is at the top of the list. But I get sick of eating the same old boxed crap I get at the stores.…

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Simple Margherita Penne Pasta

Around our house dinner seems to be a whole lot easier if there is some kind of noodle involved. Time and time again we are eating macaroni and cheese, which is fine, but let’s mix…

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Simple Pizza Pinwheels

Finding simple dinner ideas my kids will love is a daily struggle. Constantly I am looking on Pinterest for ideas that would not only satisfy their needs for food, but also my needs and cravings. We…

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Indoor Camping | Indoor S’mores

Growing up we would go camping every summer for a week or two. Add scout camps and I think I just went camping way too much in my childhood. Basically, what I am saying, I just…

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Getting Kids to Eat Zucchini – Zoodles

Trying to get kids to eat their vegetables has been a challenge for as long as I can remember. I remember as a child not wanting to eat my vegetables and just getting to the…

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