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Fat Tuesday

There is nothing better than finding a reason to get friends together for catching up. And what better way to do it then to have food right? Well, my wife is the queen of making…

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The Two-For-One Cookies

I have been wanting to make something sweet, but since I have decided to not do candy like I used to, I have to be creative. The solution for me is to bake.  I love making…

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One step closer

So I’ve been doing a lot better this past week on this whole no sugar thing. I thought that this was going to be soooo easy, but boy was I wrong. First came the girl…

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Read the Directions

My wife went to visit our niece for her birthday and said for dinner to just cook the pizza that’s in the freezer. Simple. Easy. Can’t mess up. Well, I thought, I should make dinner…

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No Sugar : Week 2

I’m telling you, this is not as fun/easy as I thought it would be. I thought, I can do anything for a month, but boy was I wrong. I was doing really good. I had…

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