It’s All Adding Up

This post is in collaboration with Chase Freedom Unlimited. All opinions are my own.

Who knew that setting a fitness goal this year was also going to be so helpful with me creating a budget and figuring out my finances? By using the Chase Freedom Unlimited cash back credit card for all my purchases to helping me achieve my health goal, I have been able to work it into my personal family budget so that nothing has thrown us off this year. Let me show you what I am talking about.

Breaking it Down

When I decided to get a Chase Freedom Unlimited card I knew that I wanted to put all my payments on the card the entire time I was working towards my goal of a healthier life. Now, these purchases were made over multiple months, but this graph shows how it adds up.

Item  Cost Return
Running Shoes  $            180.00   2.70
Workout Clothes  $            210.00   3.15
Race Entry  $              90.00   1.35
F45 Membership July  $            145.00   2.18
Strava App  $              60.00   0.90
Running Vest  $            155.00   2.33
Body Glide  $              10.00 0.15 
Winter Running Gear  $            180.00   2.70
F45 Membership August  $            145.00   2.18
Suppliments  $            110.00   1.65
Headlamp  $              30.00 0.45
Treadmill  $        4,000.00   60.00
F45 Membership September  $            145.00   2.16
   $        5,460.00  $   81.90

At the end there you can see that I will get back $81.90, showing that my Chase Freedom Unlimited card earns me 1.5% on every purchase. I keep telling myself that if it gets over $100 dollars that I will put that towards another race entry next year and start this all over again. This is great because I am always earning on every purchase, bringing me one step closer to my goal.

Slow and Steady

As I see this slow return from my purchases, I also am seeing a slow change in myself. My body is getting slimmer, clothes are fitting better, and I am truly changing with my health and finances. By setting a goal for myself to run more, be more healthier, and be active with my children, I have truly seen and change that I am grateful for.

The changes have taken time to get used to, but as I work towards a goal I see that I can do this. I know I can finish this year off with a healthier body and feel more secure in the choices that I have made to reaching my goals. They can be difficult, but if you don’t challenge yourself, when are you ever going to grow?

Gathering Quantity that is Quality

At the end of the day, when I really am thinking about the purchases I am making I think to myself, “Will this benefit me in the long run?” (pun intended). Whether it’s purchasing new workout clothes, or making an investment on a new piece of workout equipment, I want to make sure I am purchasing the best. Making sure that I am going to be able to use these things for a long time.

I am all about quality of quantity, so I don’t need the most workout clothes, I need the best! I need to get a treadmill that is going to last a long time and get the most for my money. Sometimes we purchase things on a whim and it gets us in the end. I tend to try to steer away from that, but we also can reward ourselves with those things we have always wanted.

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