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This post is in collaboration with Chase Freedom Unlimited. All opinions are my own.

It’s started! My health journey is going and I am super excited about it. For me, setting goals and working towards something is always good, but what’s even better is the things I do to help me reach those goals. Today I’m sharing a simple way I got myself motivated, a health challenge I started at work, and what kind of time I am dedicating each day to a new, healthier me. Not only am I doing this for me, but because I love my kids and my family and want to be the healthy father that they deserve. 

First Stop, Clothes!

What better way to get myself to achieving better health than to go shopping! Is it just me, or do you feel more motivated to work out and move when you have new workout clothes? I was in desperate need of a refresh for my workout wardrobe. From shoes to shorts, I got the things I need to make me want to get up and get moving every single day. 

There really is something about new clothes, whether that’s for working out or every day wear, and the feeling you get when you put them on. I always feel more confident and want to put it on and show it off. 

Healthy Living Challenge

At work, I started a healthy living challenge. This was not only to motivate me to keep going, but to get my fellow coworkers involved too. 

I wanted to set something up where we weren’t competing to lose weight—because that is different for everyone—but to be in competition with ourselves and push ourselves to try to start some healthy habits.

Basically, the challenge is to set three goals that are trackable: ounces of water a day, no soda at work, number of steps, etc. You put down $100 (no one wants to lose $100), right? And for one month you work towards achieving your goals. If you mess up, even one time, you’re out and your money goes in a pot. If you make it through the end of the month you get your money back, and if people fall out that money get split between the finishers. 

My goals are:

  • 144 oz water Monday-Friday
  • No soda at work
  • 60 minutes of an intense work out, five days a week

The water has actually been the hardest and I am worried because we are traveling for a few days, so to drink that much water where I’m not near a bathroom is going to be a lot of fun. Other than that, I am doing pretty good and we are already half way through.

3% of Your Day = 43 Minutes

Did you know that 3% of a day is only 43 minutes? If you could dedicate at least 3% of your day to your health, think of the changes you could make. Being the person that I am, it was either going to be 45 or 60 minutes, and I had to push myself. 

Coincidently, Chase Freedom Unlimited rewards new cardmembers with 3% cash back on purchases during the first year, up to $20,000. That is why I wanted to set my goal to be at least 3% of my day to reaching my goal because if Chase can offer it on a cash back credit card, I can do this! 

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