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Are you traveling, house sitting, or just needing to be sure your baby is sleeping comfortably? DockATot is by far the best bassinet out there. I love that it makes my life as a parent so much easier.

#12DaysofGiveaways | Best Bassinet – DockATot by The Modern DadWhen we drove to California for the Disneyland Half Marathon this year we were worried about where the baby would sleep. Our kids have a hard time sleeping in places they don’t know. The DockATot makes our life better when traveling.

#12DaysofGiveaways | Best Bassinet – DockATot by The Modern DadIt’s easy to pack because it’s light weight and your child will sleep great because they’re in a familiar bed. After getting ours we haven’t had a problem going anywhere.

#12DaysofGiveaways | Best Bassinet – DockATot by The Modern DadNot only is this a great travel bassinet, but maybe you are needing to get things done around the house and don’t want the baby rolling all over. We will put my son in his DockATot to play because we know he has padding all around him. If he falls over, there is cushioning. And he isn’t going anywhere in that thing.

#12DaysofGiveaways | Best Bassinet – DockATot by The Modern DadReally though, the design is amazing. According to their website, “For a baby to be comfortable, we need to think not just about their global climate, but about their microclimate as well. The microclimate is the space directly affecting their surroundings. DockATot is made with hygienic fabrics that do not harbor heat.” I love that!

#12DaysofGiveaways | Best Bassinet – DockATot by The Modern DadIf my kids are sleeping good through the night, then I am sleeping good through the night. And believe me, I am not fun to be around if I haven’t had good sleep.

#12DaysofGiveaways | Best Bassinet – DockATot by The Modern DadIf you are thinking about if you need one my answer is—YES! I recommend it to everyone I talk to and think it is a must have for every parent with a new baby. You won’t regret getting one and you will thank me later.


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