10 Favorite Kid Costumes for 2017

Halloween is a favorite holiday at our house. We love having a theme, and making sure everyone one is part of that: circus, pirates, Little Red Riding Hood. It’s a blast thinking up our Halloween costumes and have made a tradition of doing fun themes each year. We start with our kid costumes then work off those. Let me tell you what I mean. 

Our first year as a little family of three, we wanted our oldest to be an elephant. My wife, the amazing seamstress that she is, whipped out an elephant costume. Then we thought, “Should we be zoo animals?” No…we’re more of a circus. The theme became a reality: me the ring master, my wife the ring master’s assistant, and our main event—the elephant.

Year two was just before having our daughter. We had purchased a wooden ax (major mistake for a toddler) and wanted to include that in our son’s costume. If he was going to be a woodsman, what would we be? Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. Again, my wife whipped up a hood, and we made our costumes.

Third year we had an addition to the group. Our son was loving pirates and so that’s what we were all going to be. For our kids, my wife kept making their costumes. Our son, Captain Hook, and the rest of us were his crew.

When we went to Chicago, we were there for our son’s birthday. In the Disney Store, he found a real Captain Hook costume and fell in love. It has been a hit and he wanted to be Captain Hook again. We went with it and became Peter Pan, Wendy, Hook, and Tinker Bell.

We were learning that it was easier to just buy the costumes for our kids. Halloween costumes have stepped up their game since I was little. I may not be one to get a costume for me, but my kid will get anything. I love the variety there are and share with you my 10 favorite Halloween costumes for 2017.

Little Witch – June & January $40

Pirate vest with removable parrot – Love Lane Designs $68

Baby squirrel woodland costume – Pottery Barn Kids $69

Baby narwhal plush vest costume – Target $16

Blue flying super hero set – Lovelane Designs $95

Star Wars X-wing 3-D costume – Pottery Barn Kids on sale $58.99

Snow White Costume – Disney Store $31.46 – $34.96

Peter Pan Costume Collection – Disney Store $31.46 – $34.96

Lego Ninjago Prestige Costume – Target $40.00

Justice League Wonder Worman – Wholesale Halloween Costumes $25.11

After looking for kid costumes, I think we know what we’re doing this year. What are your plans? Hopefully, this has helped and given you ideas for your Halloween kid costumes this year.

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