Perfect Picture Sticker Book for Your Kids

When it comes to letting my kids be creative, I am all about it. I love letting their imaginations run wild. But what I really love, is when I can personalize their creativity specifically to them. If you haven't seen the new Family Faces Photo … [Read more...]


Perfect Meal Plan Solution, 1% Fitness

Dealing with my health and fitness has always been a real struggle. For years, meal prepping has been a part of my life, but with three little kids, it gets difficult. Also, when you do your meal prepping, it’s hard to not just make the same thing … [Read more...]


Five Father Friendly Recipes

As a working father, a lot of guys come home from work thinking their wife should have dinner ready. Because what have they been doing? Watching the kids? Ummm that’s probably more work than you’ve been doing. It’s time to step it up as a father and … [Read more...]


Favorite Halloween Events in Utah

For my family and I, we love spending time together during these fall evenings. We love going out as a family, but also my wife and I love doing the many spooky events that are going on. Whether they are free events or I have to pay, it’s nice to get … [Read more...]


Sleep Struggle | Can’t Catch a Wink

We have been struggling with sleep at our house lately. My oldest (four year old son) sleeps great. My youngest (five month old) sleeps great too. But for some reason, my two year old daughter isn’t letting us catch a wink. And we’re getting … [Read more...]