Marathon Training Week 46 | Bodpod Update: Unbelievable Results

For 46-weeks, I have been training for a marathon. It’s been hard, it’s been exhausting, but at the end of the day, has it been rewarding? If you remember, three months ago I went and got a Bodpod test to see if I was getting any results. My first … [Read more...]


RunGr8 Running Center Biomechanical Analysis

Remember when I told you about running shoes having a mileage? Well, I think I need to start breaking in some shoes before I do these FOUR race I have coming up now. My mileage is getting up there and I know because I am starting to feel the aches … [Read more...]


I Don’t Help My Wife

I do not help my wife. As a father there are many other things I do, but that is not one of them. Recently my wife tagged me in a story that we both absolutely loved. As a father, many times I get people saying, "Oh that's so nice that you are … [Read more...]


Baby Food Made Easy!

If you have a baby, you are probably making a lot of difficult choices about what is and is not safe for your child. You are likely to baby proof the house, avoid toxic paint and agonize over the appropriate car seat. Fortunately, there are choices … [Read more...]


Marathon Training Week 45 | Why Disney Races?

Nothing is more magical than Disneyland, but a race through Disneyland is the absolute best. As if you don't run through the park when you go there, Disney races are exactly how you'd think they'd be. But why do Disney races? Is it to run with the … [Read more...]