Marathon Training Week 22 | How CrossFit Benefits Running

CrossFit is hard, but when I heard CrossFit benefits running I had to get back at it. Because of that I figured I would through it back into my weekly workouts. Thankfully, SpearHead CrossFit has classes on Saturday that you can go try them for free. … [Read more...]


They’re My Kids Too

Enough with calling dads babysitters. We are parents just doing what parents do with their kids: changing diapers, picking clothes, going to school events, etc. But then why is it that we as dads can’t be referred to just as a parent—or even a dad? … [Read more...]


Freshly Picked | Mary Jane Review

I still remember the day I bought my first pair of Freshly Picked moccasins. Completely in love with the simple baby shoe. For years I have enjoyed every single pair of moccasins, but you come to a point where you want that same simplicity with with … [Read more...]


Marathon Training Week 21 | We Were On A Break

"WE WERE ON A BREAK!" Here is one of those famous lines from Friends that you never forget. Well, this week I have felt like that with my running relationship. Do you ever feel like you have formed a relationship with your schedule and when you take … [Read more...]


Marathon Training Week 20 | If I Could Turn Back Time

Can you hear her now? Cher singing, “If I could turn back time…If I could find a way…” and I keep thinking, I wish I could turn back time. Why did I ever stop running? What would have happened if I would have kept running as much as I used to? … [Read more...]