We Love Kind Snacks—So Should You

Kind Snacks are my everything right now. Have you had them? Kind Snacks grabbed me with their amazing pressed bars for Ragnar and fell in love. But when I heard they had Fruit Bites, I had to get some for my kids.

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of the fruit snacks you are giving your kids? I can’t ever pronounce half the things on there. When I looked at the fruit bites I was shocked that it literally is made of only fruit. No juices, purees, concentrates or preservatives. Plus, no sugar added and a full serving of fruit in each pouch is the perfect on-the-go fruit snack.

Here is the thing, they are totally different. There is a different texture, but super delicious. From the moment he tried them, my son was excited about these and absolutely loves them. He will grab a pack and gobble them right up.

My daughter on the other hand, she has a hard time with the texture. After a while she couldn’t get enough of the mango pineapple apple fruit bites. Still trying to get her on board with the strawberry cherry apple fruit bites, but as long as I can get her to eat one pack—we’re good.

As a parent, we are always eating our kids snack. Am I right? These bites are perfect for everyone, but the pressed bar by Kind is amazing. Really, throwing a bar in your lunch for work makes life so much easier.

This is a convenient and tasty way to add two servings of fruit to your daily routine! Each bar is made with only fruit and veggies or only fruit and chia. All in five ingredients or less with no added sugar. I love grabbing one of these instead of candy or a sweet treat. They have been my replacement for sugar and they are seriously amazing.

Honestly, if you want a snack that is perfect for everyone in the family, Kind makes stuff for every single person. Every single day I am eating something by Kind and I am completely fine with it all. Check them out and try them for yourself.


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