Marathon Training Week 16 |Let’s Get Serious

We are 20 days into the New Year. Have you given up on your resolutions already? It's not too late to get back. Now that my birthday is overland the holidays have ended, it's time to get serious. So it's time to take things to the next step when it … [Read more...]


A Birth Mother’s Story | Closed Adoption

Today I share with you a story from another good friend. It's interesting to me how there are some similarities in the stories shared. But either decision a mother makes, it's what's best for them and their situation. So, I share with you a birth … [Read more...]


Finding Parents, It’s Not For Me

My birthday is here and whenever my birthday comes around (as I get older) I constantly think about my birth parents. I’ve wondered why? What happened? Was it me? Of course, as I have had my own children, health history has been a weighing factor. … [Read more...]


A Birth Mother’s Story | Open Adoption

Being adopted I am super interested in the stories of others, but never have I asked birth mother’s about their stories. Because of that today I share a story from my friend that has an open adoption, what going through it all was like and what her … [Read more...]


Birthday Week | It Sure Has Changed

Birthday week has always been one of the biggest celebrations for me. From traveling across the country to renting a car to go to Disneyland, I spare no expense when it's birthday time. My it sure has changed! After having a family and settling down, … [Read more...]