Healthy Vacation Can Be a Fun Vacation

When you go on vacation the last thing you want to do is exercise. Who wants a healthy vacation? Eating, seeing the sites, and relaxing on the beach are perfect for traveling. Recently I had the pleasure of going to Australia and told myself that I … [Read more...]


My Top Five Simple Soup Recipes

Fall weather means I pull out the sweaters and eat soup on a regular basis. There is something about cuddling up with a comfortable blanket, eating a bowl of soup, and watching trashy TV that makes days so much better. That’s why I am sharing with … [Read more...]


This Dad is Saying Stop the Mom Shaming

For years, I was the one judging moms going out in public where their kids were in pajamas and I would say, “Is it really that hard to get your kid ready?” Or reverse that and wondering why they themselves couldn’t’ get ready. People this is just the … [Read more...]


Friday Health & Fitness | My Fall Health Plan

Halloween is one of the hardest holidays for me. Candy is one of my biggest triggers that I can never stop myself from eating it. Really, if I don’t throw it away, dump salt on it, or find a way to make it not seem appetizing I will eat it all. … [Read more...]


Haunted? Is My House Really Haunted?

A sudden creek rings through the hallway. It’s 3:27 AM and I’m starting to worry what’s happening. Then it happens, “BANG!” There is a loud bang and I am quickly jumping out of my bed to find out what is happening. But what could it be? Is my house … [Read more...]