Marathon Training Week 29 | Marathon Motivation

Marathon motivation has been much needed lately. This week, the Boston Marathon had its 121st running. I love Boston, have for years, and always thought the marathon was cool, but never thought I would do it. But what if I pushed myself a little … [Read more...]


Armor All Car Cleaning Easy as 1,2,3!

When you have little kids, baby wipes tend to be your go to cleaning item for everything. Well, this is not the case when it come sot the car. I know, I'm no car enthusiast, but I am a proud owner of a mini van and I don't want to be driving around … [Read more...]


Where’s Your Attention Going?

As I walk into the house after being at work all day, my kids always run up to me excited to see me. But after moments of being home, I crash on the couch and pull out the phone. Where is your attention going as a parent? … [Read more...]


Marathon Training Week 27 | Running Ragnar

On June 2-3 I am going to run my first Ragnar race—Wasatch Back. Well, I finally found out the legs I am running and actually just got even more excited about it. But really, why would I get excited about running a Ragnar race? … [Read more...]


Healthy Snacks Benefit Parents

When I am sitting around the computer at work or home with my kids, I tend to grab whatever is convenient: chips, cookies, candy, etc. As I have been running constantly with no loss in weight my worst nightmare came—start eating healthier. … [Read more...]