Fun, Different, Healthy — Smash Mallow

All the time I try to find a fun treat my kids will enjoy, but also don’t want to get anything to sweet and unhealthy. I want something I can just grab and we can all snack on throughout the day. Smash Mallows are simple, delicious, and you can’t go … [Read more...]


Marathon Training Week 37 | Am I A Runner?

More than 65 million Americans went for a run last year. More than 19 million ran a race. But many of those people are hesitant to call themselves “runners.” I would know—I used to be one of them. … [Read more...]


Marathon Training Week 36 | Loved Bragnar

I pushed myself harder than I ever had before—Ragnar relay was pretty amazing. Now, I don’t want to say that I am going to turn this into a “Bragnar” post, but what a fun experience it was. What is it about Ragnar that makes it so fun making people … [Read more...]


Marathon Training Week 35 | I’m Running Ragnar

Today at around noon I will be in a vehicle to begin my very first Ragnar relay race along the Wasatch Back of Utah. So many emotions run through your body when a race come up, but this one is different because I don’t know what to expect. I’m … [Read more...]


My 16-Week Marathon Training Plan

Today is the day! Today I start my 16-week marathon training plan. I have done this before, but being a dad of three and 12 years’ older things have changed. For me, I know I can do it, but for me I need a plan. … [Read more...]