#12DaysOfGiveaways | Our BabyLit Book Tradition

Starting a tradition can be hard because what if you don’t love it or it’s too much work? Thankfully, when my wife and I had kids we wanted to start our own book tradition. It would be an advent type tradition, but with books. Here is how it works. … [Read more...]


Pre Workout Game Changer

Recently I started taking WM Nutrition and it's been a total game changer. It started with the pre workout and Advantraslim. I loved it so much that I had to tell everyone about it. Really, when I love a product I genuinely want everyone to know how … [Read more...]


#12DaysOfGiveaways | Gathre Playmat

Imaginative play is huge at our house. My son has the biggest imagination and I love watching him as he plays. When I got him a Gathre playmat I thought I was taking a bit of his imagination away, but boy was I wrong. … [Read more...]


#12daysofgiveaways | London Littles

Rain, rain, go away! Just kidding, stay! If you haven’t seen London Littles you are missing out. What’s that, you don’t know what London Littles are? Well, I am absolutely obsessed with them and excited to share them with you. … [Read more...]


#12daysofgiveaways | Promptly Journals

When I was on my mission I wrote in my journal every single day. Other than that, I have never written in a journal. If I had a journal that prompted me on what to write about I would be able to do it so much more. That is what I honestly love about … [Read more...]