Styles Every Little Girl Must Have

It's true when they say having a little girl will cause you to go broke. The styles are to die for! There are so many cute things out there for little girls in comparison to little boys clothes. But what are the must have items that your little girl … [Read more...]


Puro Sound Headphones Review

What did you say? I can't hear you! whenever I am listening to music, the person 12 feet away can always hear clearly what I am listening to. This may be a problem and I am sure it's the major cause of why I can't ever hear what my wife is trying to … [Read more...]


Favorite Board Books | BabyLit

When it comes to books for little kids, you can't go wrong with board books. They are durable, your kids can't tear out the pages (for the most part) and they are easy to pack on the go. Some of my favorite board books come from BabyLit; making … [Read more...]


The Lady on the Plane, Thank You!

We recently went on one of the most epic trips my little family has ever been on. But flying three hours with two little kids causes me so much stress and all I have a billion things running through my head: do the kids have enough to entertain then? … [Read more...]


Indoor Camping | Indoor S’mores

Growing up we would go camping every summer for a week or two. Add scout camps and I think I just went camping way too much in my childhood. Basically, what I am saying, I just don’t like camping. That being said, I do love s’mores and I had to … [Read more...]