Marathon Training Week 33 | Five Planter Fasciitis Treatments

When you run as much as I do, you have to know that eventually injuries are going to happen. When my heel started to hurt I thought nothing of it. How bad can a little heel pain be? Have you ever had planter fasciitis? It’s so much more than just a … [Read more...]


The Aquarium, My New Favorite Place to Party

When you are trying to plan a party, whether it’s for the kids, family or just a neighborhood get together, we tend to go to the same places. The park, Chuckie Cheese Pizza and trampoline parks are a thing of the past. Did you know that you can … [Read more...]


My SAHD Week | What I Learned

When my wife and I were first married, I wasn’t working. I was a stay-at-home-husband doing dishes, cleaning the house and making sure everything was perfect for when she got home. We quickly had our first child and I was working. Being a … [Read more...]


Marathon Training Week 30 | New Baby, No Excuses

People, it’s 35 days until I run my very first Ragnar race. Not only am I freaking out about that, but we recently had our little baby boy. With a new baby, come a new routine and it’s been an interesting week for running. But because I have a new … [Read more...]


Marathon Training Week 29 | Marathon Motivation

Marathon motivation has been much needed lately. This week, the Boston Marathon had its 121st running. I love Boston, have for years, and always thought the marathon was cool, but never thought I would do it. But what if I pushed myself a little … [Read more...]